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This was Halloween.

I never decorate for Halloween.  I never decorate for Christmas either.  Not really due to laziness, more just because I hate spending the time doing such things as I stay so busy with so many other things that I can't justify spending the time.  You know those homes you drive past that still have Christmas stuff up well into February and March, well that's me! 
I've decided to try to be a little Martha (ne: Mark) Stewart in the future.  I've been inspired by some awesome Halloween decor I've been eying and went out Clearance shopping today.
I came home with many treasures!

Target was the place I found my biggest haul:
A set of 3 delicious velvet skull pillows what DJ Mouse had in the back of Davenport and Winkleperry that I assumed were handmade but I saw them today and HAD to have them.
Some really cool window clips with steampunk gears and skeletons.
Steampunk/skeleton gift bags.
These little poison jar gift bags that would be perfect for a HP Lovecraft party!
Some spiderweb stuff, which Mrs. Snickerdoodle said was just cotton - whatever!
Two bags of plastic spiders.
A cocktail shaker that reads "Poison"
Five strings of skull lights!
Three bags of M&M's - woot!

A.C. Moore had crap!  Nothing left - BOO!

Michaels had a few things:
A glorious fur rat with beady little eyes.
An awesome candy dish that looks like it came from Beetlejuices's house.
A metal sign that read "EEK!"

I am packing all of this stuff away to drag out next year to decorate my humble abode.
When is the right time to drag out the Halloween decor?  If I had my way it would be up year round, but the wife would complain.
I was thinking after Labor day would be perfect to bring out the Fall type stuff like pumpkins and leaves, then around the 15th you could get the Halloween out.  On November 1st you could pack the Halloween up and leave the Fall stuff out until after Thanksgiving, then drag out Christmas.  No matter what, Christmas must always be out away by January 2nd or you are so done with looking at it, you want to die.