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A Steampunk Scavenger Hunt

 In October 2009 there was a small gathering of myself and several friends to host a Steampunk scavenger hunt.  we had a grand time and intended to hold another one soon.  Alas, our busy lives prevented such a thing to occur.  We had joked that we should do it annually and had intended to do it for Halloween.  Several of us already had Halloween plans, so we pushed it out two weeks.  Today a total of 12 of us gathered and traveled around Winston-Salem with lists in hand.
For your viewing pleasure and to inspire you to partake in such merriment, I present our list and the rules!  FYI - we were able to split into three groups and had a blast!

1)a coffin nail
2)10 pieces of candy corn
3)a wooden stake
4)a Halloween cookie (a leftover I forgot to remove from the original intended date, but we found some 2 weeks later - yuck!)
5)an Autumn squash
6)a bouquet of dead flowers
7)a garlic clove
8)pumpkin seeds
9)a picture of the tin man
10)an acorn
11)a pinecone
12)write a sea shanty about octopi and prepare to share with the group
13)a ring from a bubblegum machine
14)a picture of someone (NOT from your group) wrapped up like  a mummy
15)a living spider in a jar
16)take a picture of someone in your group in front of  a  DEAD END sign
17)a red leaf, a yellow leaf and an orange leaf
18)any coin with a date older than 1950
19)a Buy One Get One Free coupon
20)a picture of graffiti
21)take a picture of the Moravian coffee pot that's downtown
22)take a picture of a tombstone that's older than 1900
23)the dish ran away with the spoon, find them!
24)a container of fairy dust
25)find something with the Jolly roger on it
26)find something Jules Verne would be proud of
27)Dr. Herbert West lost his vial of reanimating formula - find a suitable replacement
28)a bowtie
29)find an airship!
30)a used drink napkin
31)something with the Edward McKay logo on it
32)a paperclip necklace
33)a red balloon
34)a glass marble (BONUS 5 points if it's blue!)
35)a clear, old-fashioned light bulb (NOT one of those new fangled spiral ones!)
36)a ray gun
37)something Victorian
38)what is the answer to life, the universe, everything?
39)if it ain't easy bein' green, that what is easy?
40)a diagram of a steam engine
41)42 is missing, where did it go?
43)a picture of the Crypt Keeper
44)a recipe for taffy apples
45)find where the wild roses grow
46)a dead Muppet
47)the king of the moon
48)what is the flavor of the day at Kernel Kustard?
49)a copy of Skirt! magazine
50)a picture of the group at a playground (one of you may abstain to take the picture)
51)a picture of a bearded lady
53)a take out menu from a Chinese restaurant
54)five points each if you get ALL five - pictures of FIVE different state license plates, excluding the state we're in
55)a feather
56)a picture of someone getting tickled by said feather
57)the 57th variety

The Rules
1-The team must stay together at all times - you may not split up to get tasks completed quicker - nobody said you couldn't multi-task together :)
2-All items must be obtained legally, with respect to individuals you are interacting with
3-Creativity counts - some of the items listed are ambiguous, others are specific - HAVE FUN!
4)Costumes count - the team gets five (5) points if everyone is in costume
5)The ultimate goal is to complete the list.  You get one (1) point per list item and two (2) points per BONUS item.  Exceptions are questions 31 and 38.
6-All teams must meet at the designated meeting spot at the set time - DO NOT BE LATE!  One point is deducted from the score for every minute you are late, up to a total of ten (10) minutes.