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Steampunk Movie Series - Post #1 - Steamboy

 I am sure we've all watched a film that we were enjoying wholeheartedly and praying "please don't suck" or "please don't let the end suck."  I personally say this most often watching horror or anime movies.  For me, anime movies are always enjoyable because a lot of the material is foreign and doesn't adapt to my Western frame of mind.  Not that I can't or don't enjoy some of the culture of Japan or any other country, but most often I tend to get bored or lost in translation.  I am extremely happy to say that Steamboy was a pleasant surprise.
I regard Steamboy as one of the finest Steampunk movies, ranking in the top 5 of the genre.  Yes, I said top 5.  Is this a perfect movie?  Of course not, I know of few movies that truly achieve perfection from start to finish.  This movie, however, has the Steampunk genre down pat.  The setting is Victorian England.  The use of steam power is a major plot point (duh) and it's use if highly imaginative.  There are imaginative machines ran by steam with many metal parts and cogs.  Sure, some of the plot points start to resemble plots that other anime films tend to delve into, and there is the stereotypical annoying female character, but it all works together.  The film races to it's climax after a few stumbles about halfway through. And yes, I was worried that even though I was thoroughly enjoying the film, that the ending was going to be a let down.  Happily, not only did the ending occur in a way that makes sense based on what was shown before, I was left wanting more.  The end credits run and show glimpses of what happens next.  Oh, how I would love to see a sequel or an animated series that picks up where this movie ends!
I want to keep this review spoiler free to entice potential Steampunks to view this film.  In summary, this film is a must for fans of the Steampunk and/or anime genres.  The Victorian era is well presented.  The costuming is authentic and any Steampunk elements, such as bio-mechanical arms. do not detract from the time frame the film is set in.  The machinery is outstanding, highly imaginative and I want toys of everything!  The themes of war, the global community, militaristic greed and corporate leadership are presented with modern sensibilities, but I doubt they've really changed all that much in 150 years.  Mankind is not as progressive as we want to think we are.  The story is overall fun and the tech grounded in reality, even if ahead of it's time.  Buy this movie already!
The DVD I purchased is the Director's Cut.  There are several language dubs available and many options if you choose to utilize the subtitles.  I only watched the English dub so far.  The English cast is all-star with the likes of Patrick Stewart and Alfred Molina.  I've heard of other anime translations where the dubbed version wasn't accurately portraying what the director or writer intended, but I had no issues with this version whatsoever.  I can't comment on any special features, as I didn't care to bother to look into it.  The film was so good, I really didn't care to be bothered with looking into it.  Just buy this movie - it is awesome!